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Treat yourself… or somebody special… to a relaxing massage treatment!

Massage has been practised for thousands of years throughout the world and has many cultural variations. The health benefits of massage are well known for relaxation, improving the circulation and immune systems, enhancing skin condition, and detoxing the body. We offer a range of different massage treatments that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

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Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The back, neck and shoulders is a common area of the body to hold muscle discomfort. Let us soothe the tension with a 30 or 60 minute massage.

Face, Neck & Scalp Massage

A truly indulgent and relaxing 60 minute massage treatment to ease tension in the neck and to help improve your skin condition.

Full Body Massage

Enjoy 60 or 90 minutes of down time! A Full Body Massage will provide many wonderful benefits throughout your body during  your treatment and afterwards.

Indian Head Massage

This seated treatment uses massage techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Enjoy a 60 minute Indian Head Massage, which offers widespread benefits throughout your body.

Thai Foot Massage

Your feet and legs are extremely hard working yet are often neglected! A 60 or 90 minute Thai Foot Massage is a perfect way to give them the attention they deserve. This is a deeply relaxing treatment so your whole body will also gain the benefits.

Pure Life Massage: Bournemouth & Poole, Dorset